Spring Showers Bring Bowed Basement Walls

After what has proven to be the wettest winter that the Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland areas have seen in years, we need to begin looking forward to Spring and what that will bring.  We talked before about the Polar Vortex and how the colder air can cause cracking and bowing of the walls due to the freezing of ground water but today we want to talk about what happens when all of the snow starts to melt and the rains come.

Too much rain and ground water can cause several different headaches and problems for homeowners.  One of those issues that increased ground water can cause is flooding of your basement.  In a previous article, 3 Tips for Waterproofing Your Basement, we gave you helpful information for waterproofing your basement in order to protect your walls.  Moisture in your basement can cause a host of problems including mold and rotting wood.  Moisture in your basement can come from windows that are not properly sealed, leaking or cracked foundations or leaking or cracked pipes.

In addition to waterproofing issues, you may find that basement walls are starting to push inward.  Bowing basement walls and foundations can cause cracks and leaks in your foundation and walls.  Cracked foundations will cause issues with your homes walls, floors and more.  Once your home starts to become unlevel, doors may not close properly and floors will look like they roll.

Pentrey Builders is available to help with waterproofing your basement as well as fixing your bowed or cracked basement walls.  Pentrey Builders is a foundation specialist serving the areas for King George, Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.

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