Pentrey Builders Inc. provides a wide range of services.  If you don’t see your needs listed, give us a call. Call 540-507-8165 or 800-573-6873 to schedule your Free Inspection and Estimate.

Foundation Repairs


  • Helical Pier Installations for New Construction.
  • Helical Pier Installations for Existing Homes
  • Helical Pier Installations for Commercial Applications
  • Water Proofing (Interior/Exterior) and Drains
  • Carbon Fiber Technology – The Reinforcer®
  • Wall Anchors & Wall Grouting.
  • CMU (Block) Wall Straightening
  • Loose Brick Veneer Attachment

Crawl Space and Basement Solutions


  • Clean Space Installations.
  • Insulation: Spray Foam, Batt’s and Closed Cell.
  • Sani-Dri Dehumidifiers.
  • Turtle Crawl Space Doors.
  • Mold and Mildew Treatments.

Other Services


  • General Structural Repairs (Wood, Steel, Concrete).
  • Water Management (Exterior Drain Lines, etc)
  • Retaining Walls (Segmental, Wood, Concrete)
  • Concrete Floor Leveling.
  • Engineering, Design, Build.
  • Laser Readings.
  • Epoxy Injection.