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At IDEAL, we try not to complicate things.  We discover needs and problems, then work out solutions.  It takes real teamwork to accomplish truly great things. That’s you and us, working together, with all the up-to-date knowledge and experience we can employ to put a project together.  Now that’s IDEAL.

We specialize in manufacturing state-of-the-art products for use in the industrial, commercial, municipal and residential industries.  We make it a priority to design and produce the very best in products and equipment for applications including underpinning, tie-back anchors, and piles for new construction.  We are committed to unparalleled customer service and support to ensure excellence in the design and performance of projects relating to foundation remediation, helical piling, and other foundation systems.

Our IDEAL Foundation Systems information:


A helical pier is a deep foundation.  Its purpose is to transfer a structural load to deeper, stronger, and less compressible materials bypassing any weaker and more compressible materials that would be unsuitable for the support of a conventional shallow foundation.  As a deep foundation, a helical pier should be considered for most applications that would call for a driven pile, drilled pier, or mini pile.

  • Breakwall reinforcement
  • Gridwork for towers
  • Underpinning commercial buiding
  • New foundations 40-100 ton capacity
  • Boardwalk

Uses of helical piers include the support of new structures and the underpinning of existing structures that have settled excessively.

Helical anchors are used for resisting upward forces, lateral forces, and overturning moments.  Applications include communications towers, advertising signs, silos, below-grade tanks subjected to hydrostatic uplift, and tie-back anchors for both permanent and temporary earth-retaining structures.

  • Light pole base
  • Towers
  • Train bridge underpinning
  • New Homes
  • Retaining wall
  • Installation 80 kip tie-back anchors wall stabilization
  • Airport weather station

It is important to note that the uses of the helical unit continue to expand with product developments and engineering experience.

For Many Applications Helical Units May offer significant Advantages over other systems.  Some of these include:

  • Easy cutoffs
  • No concrete-related delays
  • Little or no dependence on weather
  • Little or no earthwork and spoil material (a particular advantage at contaminated sites)
  • Minimal vibration noise
  • Easy removed and reused in temporary applications
  • Wide range of allowable loads
  • Adaptability to a variety of installation angles
  • Lower cost than driven or drilled piles – do not go as deep to reach the same capacity
  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Minimal support equipment
  • Suitability for low-headroom and other limited-access areas
  • Eco-Sensitive installation
  • 300 Ton capacities
  • Tie-back anchor installation with difficult access
  • Difficult-to-access and low clearance pharmaceutical structures

Pipe Shafts have the following advantages over square shafts:

  • Greater section modulus – increased lateral stability
  • Greater ultimate and allowable loads – 7-inch standard material – 300-ton ultimate capacity
  • Less eccentricity (straighter)
  • Greater resistance to buckling
  • Higher torque capability
  • Inspectability – post installation depth and plumb
  • Can be filled with grout or concrete for increased capacity

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To provide our clients and associates with “Leading Edge” technology, products, equipment and support to ensure excellence in the design and performance of projects relating to foundation remediation, helical piling, tension anchors and other foundation systems.