The Reinforcer

Are there Cracks in Your Basement Foundation Walls

Are you concerned about the hassle, mess, and intrusive construction methods required to stop your basement walls from cracking or bowing?

Stop worrying…
Now you can have your basement walls reinforced with a simple, practical, and attractive material.
Introducing THE REINFORCER®, a revolutionary new product from Nationwide Reinforcing, Ltd. made to stabilize basement foundation walls!

No Heavy Equipment

THE REINFORCER® is a patented state-of-the-art system developed by professional engineers. A combination of space-age polymers and carbon fibers have been processed into a material that is virtually impossible to stretch. It is a perfect material to use on basement foundation walls to resist outside pressure.
Until now, the most common method to stop outside pressure from further bowing foundation walls was to anchor steel beams along the inside perimeter of basement walls.

THE REINFORCER® replaces the need – hassle – of steel beam installations.

  • Permanent
  • Econimical
  • Guaranteed

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