Benefits of Installing THE REINFORCER®

A product that we at Pentrey Builders Inc highly recommend for your basement and foundation repair needs is THE REINFORCER®.  There are different reasons that your basement walls may have started bowing inward.  Catching this and repairing in a timely manner can prevent additional major repair bills.

What Causes Basement Walls to Bow?

Bowing basement walls are a major issue in a home and can create additional major issues if left unfixed.  You may be asking yourself, what causes basement walls to bow?  There are five major reasons that could be the source of your wall troubles; water, soil, poor construction quality, tree roots or drywall.  The easiest of the five to fix is drywall.  This can happen if the drywall was not properly installed and fastened to the walls.

Water and soil all apply pressure inward to the outside of the basement.  In recent months, the region has been experiencing colder than normal temperatures with the recent Polar Vortex and Polar Vortex Sequel.  These two events have caused groundwater to freeze and expand.  Each Polar Vortex has been preceded by days of heavy rain and moisture saturating the ground.  This expanding ground water can cause major issues to your basement walls.

The increased moisture in the ground can also cause some types of soil, including clay, to expand putting pressure on basement walls.  As the pressure increases, the walls will bow inward.  If left unrepaired, this bowing will eventually lead to cracking in the basement and foundation of your home.

How THE REINFORCER® helps bowing basement walls.

basement repair THE REINFORCER®THE REINFORCER® is made of space age polymers and carbon fiber materials.  This product is only .045″ thick and is ten times stronger than it’s steel counterpart.  THE REINFORCER® is designed for strengthening concrete walls and taking the pressure that is applied from outside sources and supplying an equal amount of force and pressure back to keep your walls from bowing.  Due to it’s design technology, THE REINFORCER® eliminates the need to have structural changes and messy concrete repairs made to your basement.  The products composition has been proven to be ten times the strength of steel and works on both concrete brick as well as poured concrete walls.

Pentrey Builders Inc has specialized in basement and foundation repair since 1987.  THE REINFORCER® product is one that we stand behind 100%.  For information on a recent case study performed by Pentrey Builders Inc using THE REINFORCER® product, please view the case studies on the company website.

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